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Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
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Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary [Thekkady]

One of the largest and fascinating wildlife reserves in India, the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is more popular as a tiger reserve. The reserve is spread across 777sq. kms, out of which 360 sq. km of land is covered with forests. There is 26 sq. km artificial lake formed by the Idukki Dam across the Periyar lake with boating facilities. A boat ride on the splendid Periyar lake is the best way to experience the geomorphology, wildlife and scenic beauty of this sanctuary. The greatest attraction here is the herd of wild elephants that come down to the lake to frolic in the waters and this is the only sanctuary in India where wild elephants can be observed and photographed at close quarters safely from a boat.



The tropical evergreen forests, tropical semi-evergreen forests and tropical deciduous forests make up Thattekad Bird Sanctuary. This sanctuary is spread over25.16 sq. km near Munnar and is the result of the efforts of 'India's Birdman' Dr Salim Ali. Around 210 species of birds have been identified here till date. Some of the rare birds found here are common grey hornbill, night heron, grey heron, sun bird, grey-headed fishing eagle, bee eater, Indian hill myna and so on. The best season to visit the sanctuary is from September to March.


Wayanad, a 500 sq. km forest provided a hide-out for Pazhassi Raja during his guerilla combat against the British. It is also known as Muthanga wildlife santuary, and is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere reserve, connected to Madumalai Sanctuary in Tamilnadu and Bandipur National Park in Karnataka. Wayanad means 'land of swamps' and the plateau is swampy perticularly in the lower gullies. In this dense, moist deciduous forests are found a heterogeneous population of elephants, tigers, jungle cats, civet cats, bison, pea cocks, wood peckers and other intresting animals and birds. A variety of tribal groups too live in the outskirts of the forest. To visit, a district forest officer's permit must be obtained [Phone: 540 233 ] and jeeps and guides can be hired from private operators, taking along guides and wildlife spotters are recommended as most visitors are not aware of the forest routes nor its animals.


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