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 Medical & Health

Medical & Health
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Heart attacks
First aid for snake bite.
Some tips to stay fit

First aid for snake bite.
  • First immobilise the victim of a snake bite.
  • Quickly, within seconds, suck out the blood from the snakebite. You can use a suction device.
  • Tie a tourniquet above and below the bite leaving three-finger space.
  • Apply ice near the bite, but avoid applying too much of ice.
  • Rapidly apply antiseptic.
  • Check the tourniquets as swelling may loosen it.
  • Avoid food or liquid intake. Keep the person warm.
  • As soon as possible take the victim of a snakebite to the nearest hospital.
  • If possible, identify the type of snake.

Some tips to stay fit
  • Walk for at least ten minutes a day for a healthier life.
  • Run or jump for at least twenty minutes a day.
  • Do ten stomach crunches lying on the mattress. Increase one crunch daily.
  • Use a staircase rather than using a lift.
  • Cut fat. Avoid foods such as burgers, meat, cheese, cream and other fatty food stuffs.
  • Quit smoking. - Try always to protect yourself from pollution.
  • Keep a positive mental outlook.
  • Avoid processed food. Eat fruits, vegetables, grains, low-fat dairy products.
  • Meditate or spend five minutes in quiet time.

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