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 Medical & Health

Medical & Health
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Tips on donating blood
Here are some tips on safe water
Some tips on preventing tooth decay
Some easy ways to quit smoking
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Heart attacks
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Some tips to stay fit


Some donate blood as a social service and others do it for their relatives/friends in an emergency. Here are a few points to keep in mind before you donate blood.
  • Do not donate blood if you are suffering from any ailment.
  • Donate blood once in four months. If the frequency of blood donation is increased, you will feel weak and may fall ill. Also the quality of the donated blood deteriorates.
  • Make sure you weigh more than fifty kilograms when volunteering blood donation.
  • Take sufficient food prior to blood donation.
  • Ask the blood bank technician to unwrap the disposable syringe in front of you.
  • Take sufficient fruits/fruit juice after the blood donation.
  • Don't walk away from the bed immediately after donation.
  • Take rest for at least thirty minutes.

  • Always collect water from a clean source.
  • If the water looks muddy, let it stand for twelve hours to allow sediments to settle at the bottom.
  • Filter the clarified water through a piece of thick cloth or filter.
  • Always boil drinking water.
  • Pour the boiled water into a clean container.
  • Sterilize the container too.
Water borne diseases

Bacteria - Typhoid fever, Asiatic cholera, Bacillary, Dysentery.
Protozoan- Amoebic Dysentery
Helminthic- Round worm infection, whipworm infection, and dracontiasis.

  • Eat foods that have vitamins and minerals.
  • Don't eat sweet or sticky foods between meals.
    After every meal brush your teeth.
  • Crunchy fruits/vegetables like apples and carrots also help to clean teeth.
  • Eat sweets only at the end of a meal so that your teeth get properly cleaned when you brush them after the meal.
  • Visit a dental hygienist for a thorough check up.
  • Use a mouthwash to stop bad breath.


Burn that cigarette, not your life. Smoking takes away almost seven years of your life. Quit smoking now to save all those years. Cigarettes contain nearly 4000 chemicals. Try and add years to your life. For this you need will power alone. Are you strong enough to do this? Then read on. Here are some easy ways to quit smoking.
  • Leave smoking for at least ten hours in a day, then slowly increase the hours of
  • Take one gram of vitamin C daily; it will lessen your craving for nicotine.
  • Exercising, swimming, jogging, yoga, aerobics or walking keeps you busy and reduces the craving for cigarettes.
  • Avoid taking caffeine, sugar and alcohol. Doing this will also reduce your craving
    for nicotine.
  • Eating salads, carrot sticks, fruits, popcorn and chewing gum can reduce craving.
  • Keep yourself busy after meals as craving for smoking is more after meals.
  • Get a health check up.
  • Bleach your teeth if it is discolored; it will keep you away from smoking and stop
    bad breath.
  • Tell your friends and dear ones that you wish to quit. They will certainly help you.
Benefits of quitting smoking
  • After a decade of quitting smoking you can be free of risk from related diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and diabetes mellitus.
  • Quitting smoking reduces the risk of smoking related heart disease by 24%.
  • You will be avoiding those four thousand chemicals that cigarettes contain.
  • You will be lowering the risk of smokers' cough.
  • You will not be hurting your dear ones.
  • Non-smoking will stop bad breath and bad odor from your body.
  • You will save your money.
  • You will lower the risk of wrinkles on your face.
So decide now. Activate your will power. Wanting to is half the battle won. You can even contact a few counselling centers to help support your fight against smoking.

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