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w Flourescent Bulbs Provide Cool Light...
w Sleek tips for designing kitchen furniture
w Kitchen tips

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Flourescent Bulbs Provide Cool Light...
Sleek tips for designing kitchen furniture
Kitchen tips

Kitchen tips
Microwave dos and don'ts

A microwaves can save you precious minutes every day and be your lifetime kitchen companion if you treat it with care.

1. Make sure that the glass tray, roller arms, coupling and roller track are in place while operating the microwave.

2. Use microwaves only for food preparation and not for drying clothes, paper or any other non-food items.

3. Do not operate the microwave when empty and do not use the microwave cavity for any type of storage.

4. Do not cook eggs with the shell, as they will burst. Puncture egg yolks, egg white before cooking to prevent 'explosion'. Occasionally a poached egg may burst during cooking.

5. Do not cook any food surrounded by a membrane, such as egg yolks, potatoes, chicken livers, etc, without first piercing the food several times with a fork.

6. Do not insert any object into the openings on the outer case. Do not at any time remove parts from the microwave such as the feet, coupling, screws, etc.

7. Do not cook food directly on the glass tray. Place food in or on proper cooking utensil before placing in the microwave.

8. Do not use metal pans, dishes with metal handles, anything with metal trim, melamine dishes as they contain a material that will absorb microwave energy. Also do not use glazed cookware, closed containers or containers made of paper, wood, bamboo, etc, as they can burn.

9. Do not attempt to deep fry foods in the microwave.

10. When using the combination mode, never place any aluminum or metal container directly on the wire rack. Always insert a glass plate or dish between the wire rack and the aluminum container.

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