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 Food & Dining

Food & Dining
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Restaurant Etiquette
Drink, from steps to sips

Restaurant Etiquette

How to be a proper guest in a restaurant?
  • Inquire about the restaurant, the occasion and dress accordingly.
  • Make sure you understand the financial situation but have money on your person regardless.
  • Wait in the entry if you arrive first.
  • When eating, try to keep pace with everyone else, and take some time to speak to your neighbors. Give all your table partners equal attention, if possible.
  • Be moderate in all you do: drinking, eating, laughing, talking and chewing.
  • Thank everyone before you go.
  • Tip the parking valet and the coat check folks on your own.
  • If possible, get the host to order first. Then order something right around the same price range.
  • If your host has a drink, feel free to order one too. The same goes for other courses, appetizers and desserts.
  • You can always offer to pay for the wine, the tip or a round of cocktails.
  • Don't order either the most expensive or least expensive items.
  • Don't apply makeup at the dinner table; powdering one's nose, however, is acceptable

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