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Drink, from steps to sips

Drink, from steps to sips

MThe perfect drinkixing drinks is an art that can be mastered if you pay attention to a few important details. Here are some steps that will help you become a master cocktail maker:
  • Start with perfectly clean glassware. Choose the correct size and shape of glass for the drink. Hand washing and drying them with a clean, lint-free towel gives the most sparkling results.

  • Use the highest-quality liquor you can afford without going into premium brands that are best sipped alone.

  • Use fresh lemons, limes and other fruit for mixing and garnishes.

  • Use bottled water for mixing and making ice if your tap water doesn't taste good.

  • Chill glasses well, either by placing it in the refrigerator until cold or by filling glasses with crushed ice while mixing the drink.

  • Don't splash more alcohol into a drink than the formula calls for - it may throw off the taste.

    Blend, Shake, Layer or Stir
  • Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker or mixer in this order: fruit juices, liquor followed by other ingredients. Always use a jigger to measure liquor.

  • Shake or stir the drink, then pour it into a cocktail glass to serve "straight up."
  • Add ice, then liquor, then mixer when using a blender. The alcohol melts the ice, making it easier to blend.

  • It is good to add ice if a frozen drink is too thin or mixer if it's too thick. Use cracked or cubed for stirred or shaken drinks; crushed or shaved for frozen drinks.

  • Shake 4 to 5 times when using crushed ice and 8 to 10 times when using cracked ice. (Avoid over shaking as it melts the ice too much and waters down your drinks.)

    Make sure to garnish while serving
  • Use orange slice and a cherry to make a flag. Cut fruit slices about 1/4-inch thick with a slit cut toward the center so the slice can rest on the rim of the glass (use fresh or refrigerated fruits for this).

  • Make a twist by slicing only the colored part of the rind of a lemon, lime or orange.

  • Pour drinks as soon as you make them. At the end of the party, it is advisable to add a little lemon juice to the water when washing glasses, to help keep spotting to a minimum. Dry glasses as soon as you wash them.
Warning: When consuming alcohol, be restrained. Do not drink and drive.

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