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Tips to invest

How conservative do you need to be with your investments? How secure is your investment? What will happen when the market dips just at the time you need to encash your investment?

Here are a few do's and dont's to consider before you invest your money.

Use every source available to gather knowledge:
Spend time in increasing your knowledge. It will pay dividends later. You owe it to yourself to know every detail about the type of investement you are going in for. Read books, browse the Internet, acquire information from the best and most reliable sources.

It is very important to invest in diversified portfolios:
Keep your investment options open. Include, in your portfolio, different asset classes such as property, shares and fixed interest. Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

If you are investing globally, you should take into account the economy of different countries, their present global cycles and exchange rates.

You should have long term strategies:
Your investment may take a long time to bear fruit. When going in for a long-term investment, ensure that you are ready to wait out the period. A longer wait could mean better returns.

Stucture your income and investment:
To achieve high goals it is equally important to structure your income and investments simultaneously. This strategic structuring only will help you in achieving your aims.

If you are a beginner:
Start conservatively and build your base around Blue Chip shares and gain experience from this. Investing in reputable managed funds is also an excellent way to build a diversified portfolio, without selecting specific securities. Consult financial experts or advisors, if you are really seriously thinking about multiplying your money. Invest in high quality and technically sound companies, but get up-to-date information before you invest.

Points to ponder:
net asset position
ways to accumulate wealth
life insurance
income needed at retirement (seven times your last salary invested is the general formula).
a financial planner.
Sharmistha Chakraborty

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