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AEON logoEven the generations are passing away, one could not happily say that their stabilizer is durable and stable. Isn't it? Most of the stabilizers have no protection against transient voltage spikes. Moreover the electrical and magnetic noise generated by them, may defeat the very purpose of installing such stabilizers. As a solution to all these problems 'Aeon', Electronic Servo Stabilizer is evolved.

Aeon stabilizer, a product of Quantum Power Systems is especially built to meet the realities of power problems. It uses semiconductor switches to change taps through closed loop feedback. While the conventional voltage stabilizers like Motorized Servo stabilizers, Relay based Buck-Boost stabilizers and CVTs cannot withstand the voltage variations, but the Aeon has the capacity to handle such variations. It uses the semiconductor switches to change taps through closed loop feedback along with the buil-in-spike suppression filters.
New Generation Stabilisers
The stabilizers of Aeon are capable of regulating from 150 to 300V. They ensure that sensitive electronic equipment is protected against a wide range of input voltage variations. Further, during the extreme conditions of voltage going below 150V or above 300V, the built-in automatic cut-off circuitry cuts down the outputs of the stabilizer. The high-speed electronic filter used in Aeon gives complete protection against voltage spikes.

Designed specifically for computer and other sensitive electronic equipment, Aeon is certainly a helpful stabilizer. The SOHO and 1000VA stabilizers are made with good aesthetics enclosed in plastic ABS cabinets. SOHO is suitable for one Pentium PC with colour monitor and 1000VA is for 2 Pentiums with colour monitor. Both will suit for 132 Column printer, Modem, Fax Machine and Small PABX system. 2000VA stabilizer is suitable for a LAN Network with one server, 3 nodes and a Laser Printer. It also suits for Photocopier. In back-up mode, if the computer is not switched on, the built-in fuzzy logic Guarding your e-Goodscircuit switches off the UPS. Thus the battery does not unnecessarily discharge, conserving its charge for a later use. Power save also prolongs battery life.


Automatic Voltage Regulation

Relay less technology

No-load Cut off, Battery save mode

Cold Start without Mains

Battery Deep Discharge protection

On-site conversion to external models

Generator Compatible

Remote monitoring and Shutdown interface

Telephone Line Filter for Modem / Fax Machine

The suitable stabilizers for the present mode of living and technology. Aren't they?
- Krishna Chaitanya Karanam

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