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New generation stabilisers
Century Stablizer
The right airconditioner for the right place.


Advani - Centry Electronic Voltage StabilizersYou no longer need to hide your stabilizer. Buy a Centry stabilizer and place it on your Television or Refrigerator like a show piece. Centry Electronics recently launched a futuristic pyramidal shaped stabilizer, which will provide complete protection to all electronics appliances from the severity of voltage fluctuations. This innovative state-of-the-art stabilizer is made up of Industrial grade plastic after rigorous scientific research. The body of the stabilizer is shockproof and it has an in-built automatic high-and-low voltage cut off system. The stabilizer has a capacity of 500 VA with a Timer Delay of 2-4 minutes to stabilize the surge of current during power fluctuations.

Centry stabilizers are available in red, blue, grey and green rendering an aesthetic look to the surroundings where they are placed. They come with one-year guarantee and priced at Rs. 1400 (taxes extra). Available in all leading electronics/electrical appliances stores.

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