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Flying High with TOEFL

Aiming for the stars? Want to fly off to the fascinating world of Uncle Sam, the land of opportunities and top notch colleges? Clearing the TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language exam is the first step to gaining an entry into colleges in the US of A. And if you are aiming at premier institutions, you ought to have a very high score! Here's how to go about giving a TOEFL exam.

For academic admission to US institutions non-native speakers of English have to take TOEFL. This applies not only to students from those countries where English is not the first language, but even those whose educational system is based in English.

To do an academic course in the US you need to be adept at oral communication in English, be prepared for extensive note making, undertake assignments and research. A newcomer stumbles time and again over American accents and cryptic jargons. So it is imperative to have mastery over American English. TOEFL determines your level of English language skills.

All the tests administered by the officials in the US Educational Foundation in India are standardized multiple choice tests that require a high degree of English proficiency. While some of them require mathematical skills, some also demand in-depth knowledge of content related to the applied field of study. A Barron's or Fiskes guide is the best guide to American colleges. These have a list of about 1600 American universities. These books also give ranges of the score level required by the applicants to be successful.

Though there are no stipulated grades to pass these exams, the score a student gets will certainly have a bearing on the overall competitiveness of one's application. Most institutes require a score of 500 to 550 on this exam for academic admission. Scores of 600 or above may also be the criterion in fields such as journalism or literature which demand an above average ability in the language.

To prepare for TOEFL students can join English language programmes in bi-national centres, cultural institutes, universities or private companies. Self-study programmes involving tapes and written material are also available. Audio CDs and CD-ROMs on TOEFL and TOEFL preparation kits can also be of great help. Cost of preparation will be definitely on the higher side, but to reach high one has to spend money!

  • Students who have completed their twelfth standard need to write both TOEFL and SAT(Standardized Aptitude Test).
  • Those who want to pursue their Masters in Engineering or Business Management have to write their GRE (Graduate Record Examination) and GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test) to get an entry into American Universities. A minumum of 50 percent and above is the requirement to send an application for any of the above said exams and a minimum score of 17,000\18,000 is needed to qualify.

It will take at least 3 months for the university you have applied for to get back to you. If you are selected, you will be sent a document called I 20. Then you will have to meet the Consulate in Chennai. After a brief interview you need to prepare for getting a visa. In order to be eligible for a visa you have to show a minimum bank balance of 10-11 lakh rupees (self-finance or scholarship).

For more information about SAT write to Educational Testing Service, ATP Publications Orders CN 6200, Princeton, NJ 08541-6200, USA.

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