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  • Always turn up on time for an interview.

  • Make a good first impression. Enter the room confidently, but not cockily. Shake hands firmly and let the tone of your voice be level and clear.

  • Dress smartly, but don't overdress. There is no need for a three-piece, but there is need for clean, well-ironed clothes and well polished shoes.

  • Be enthusiastic and interested in the interview. A lack of sparkle on your part may rub off on the interviewer.

  • Be polite and direct. Look the interviewer in the eye.

  • Be thorough in your subject. Try to go beyond and brush up on things that may touch your subject only peripherally.

  • Avoid being argumentative even though you may not agree with something the interviewer has said.

  • Up date yourself on the latest trends in your field of specialization.

  • Be prepared for the unexpected like being asked by the interviewer to write down the reasons you should be offered the available job.

  • Do not give evasive answers.

  • Don't give the impression that you can do things you cannot do.
  • Applying for a job and not getting a reply is a huge demotivator.
  • You are obviously going wrong somewhere.
  • Prepare your Curriculum Vitae (CV) carefully
  • Think about what you want to put in your CV.
  • Visualize the appeal of the document.
  • Make it read easy and keep it uncluttered
Write a brief cover letter which covers the following:
A brief history of yourself and your career profile.
Explain why you are just the right person for the job.
If you are a professional settled abroad looking for a chance to return to India, you have to be emphatic that you want to settle down in this country.
Stress your willingness to learn on the job.
Project yourself as a stable personality.
Know your plus points and highlight them appropriately.
Divide your resume into two parts: Personal particulars and academic/career profile.
Divide the sub-section on work experience and professional skills into two parts: Expertise areas and exposure areas.
Make it a point to mention the version of the softwares that you may have learnt.
Do not assume that everyone knows about your previous employer or company, unless they are very well known.
Mention in one or two lines about your previous job profile, if the company is not so well known.
Ensure that you send your CV neatly typed on quality paper.
Double-check to see that your address for communication is the latest. Ensure the same for the phone, fax, e-mail, etc. Update them periodically whenever you shift.
Maintain uniformity of style for different headings and the text (font, bold, italics, numbering etc.).
Select a font that is easy to read such as Times New Roman.
See that your CV does not exceed more than two pages, specially if you are in the IT industry. Leave out unnecessary information that may not be of any use in your job.
Never put false information in your resume. If you are truthful in your resume, you have greater chances of getting selected for the job, than if you boast about things you have never done.

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