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 Mobile Phones for techno-savvy persons

The Internet is beginning to play a dominant role in everyone's life, especially that of a businessman. Mobile phones are answering the call of 'easy accessibility' of the Internet and the user himself! Various features are being incorporated in mobile phones to allow the user to get connected in a smart way.

If a WAP enabled phone makes it possible for the user to browse the Internet besides sending faxes, the other boasts of customized photos or the tones for the incoming calls. Companies like Ericsson, Siemens, Alcatel, Nokia and a host of others electronic giants are offering state-of-the-art gadgets that are competitive to one another. The following list describes the latest products that are expected to be available in the market early next year.

Nokia Mobile Phones Features Schedule for Launch and Price *
Nokia 8210
(79 gm)
Voice dialling for eight numbers, animated menu icons, 10 default pictures, smart messaging features like logos Rs 22,000
Nokia 6210
(114 gm)
WAP-compliant, can store 50 picture messages, hi-speed data transmission, download pictures from net, voice dialing October 2000.
Nokia 3310
(133 gm)
Entry-level phone, voice dialling, stopwatch countdown timer, chat mode, write or receive messages of upto 460 characters October 2000
Nokia 6250
(167 gm)
WAP enabled, water/shock resistant, auto volume control, stopwatch, task journal, time profiles December 2000
Alcatel Alcatel One Touch 300 Series (105 gm) Full graphic display of five lines, graphic animations, hands-free loudspeaker, handsfree options with earphones October 2000,
Rs 12,000 to 13,000
Alcatel One Touch 500 Series (103 gm) WAP enabled, voice recognition, graphic display of eight lines, built-in data/fax, handsfree option with earphones December 2000,
Rs 18,000 to 19,000
Alcatel One Touch 700 Series (88 gm) WAP enabled, voice memo, voice recognition, graphic display of eight lines, built-in data/fax, handsfree option with earphones December 2000,
Rs 24,000 to 25,000

Ericsson A2618 (140 gm) WAP enabled, voice dialling, customised ring melodies with customised photo options, download pictures, full graphic display Rs 9,995
Ericsson R310 (140 gm) Water/shock resistant with Shark Fin antenna for the outdoors, stopwatch, large full graphical LCD display Rs 15,495
Siemens C35i (116 gm) WAP enabled, large graphic display, amusing images when subject calls, selectable menu formats Rs 14,495
Siemens S35i (105 gm) WAP enabled, up to seven-line graphic display, organiser with facility to send/print business card, voice dialling Rs 21,495
Siemens C28 (130 gm) Individual ring tones for different numbers, phone book of 250 entries Rs 9,295


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