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 Iomega 2GB Jaz Drive 

Iomega 2 GB Jaz Drive: This drive can store huge data (can accommodate MP3 files of 36 hours music) and its cartridge can hold data up to 2 GB. The read and write speed from the hard disk to the drive is 2740 kbps and 1446 kbps, respectively under specific test conditions. This is best suited for companies that are involved in graphics.
Technical specifications: SCSI, 2 GB
Price: Rs 20,996

HP SureStore DAT 24E: This can store uncompressed and compressed data of 12 GB and 24 GB respectively. It has LED indicators such as tape light, media cautionlight and an unload button. SureStore functions quite faster as compared to other drives. Net-work professionals can utilize its features which combines performance with capacity. It drives for NT, SCO and NetWare along with SCSI cable.
Technical specifications: SCSI, 24 GB-Compressed.
Price: Rs 58,000

Seagate TapeStore 8 GB Tarvan (STT28000N-IDE):
The tape media of this internal tape drive (with an IDE interface) can hold 4 GB and 8 GB of uncompressed and compressed data respectively. The front panel is incorporated with LED that shows the status of the drive.
Technical specifications: IDE, 8 GB-Compressed.
Price: Rs 14,999

Model Type of Drive Capacity Manufa
Contact number
Iomega 100 MB Paralle Zip 100 MB Iomega
Iomega 100 MB USB Zip 100 MB iomega
Iomega 250 MB Zip 250 MB Iomega
Fujitsu 640 MB MO Magneto Optical 640 MB Fujitsu
OlympusTurbo MO 64011 Magneto Optical 640 MB Olympus
Sony RMO 5.2 GB Magneto Optical 5.2 GB Sony
HP SureStore Optical 5.2 GB Magneto Optical 5.2 GB Hewlett-Packard Phone: 022-4163 679
Iomega Click Drive 40 MB Click 40 MB Iomega
Seagate Tape
DAT 24 GB Seagate
Seagate TapeStore 8
DAT 8 GB Seagate
Seagate TapeStore 8 GB Travan Tape 8 GB Seagate
HP SureStore DAT 40 DAT 40 GB Hewlett-Packard apexcomputers@mantraonline
Tandberg SLR 24 Tape 24 GB Tandberg

Following table lists different storage devices with their specifications and contact details

Source:Chip-India magazine

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