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Two latest computers - Compaq Presario 5000 series Internet PC and Compaq Armada 100S have arrived in the city. We briefly feature them here.

Compaq Presario 5000 series Internet PCPower Performance
Initially Onida offered its 14 inch colour TV in various shades. Now it is Compaq, with its new Presario 5000 series, which comes in six different shades. Powered by Intel Celeron 533 MHz or Intel Pentium III 667 MHz, they have a built-in 56K ITU V.90 modem. And that's not all. Presario includes pre-installed software, e-sound system, wherein you can create your personal digital music library, front access USB ports and an internet keyboard. Besides, the PC has a pop off side panel to access memory, PCI slots and hard drives. No doubt with all this and more, Compaq Presario promises "power and performance".

sleek and compactCompaq Armada 100S

Sleek and compact - that's Compaq Armada notebook. The Compaq Armada 100S delivers essential notebook computing solutions at ground breaking prices. Designed for the budget conscious business users who need instant productivity. Powered by AMD-K6-2+ Processor and AMD PowerNow Technology and having a processor speed of 533MHz, it has a 64 MB RAM and 5.0 GB hard drive capacity with Windows 98 Second Edition operating system.


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