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How to maintain your car tyres  

TyreTyres are responsible for the safety of your vehicle. They also add to the look of your car. There are different kinds of tyres available in the market, for example radial and cross plies. The difference in the two types of tyres lies in their alignment, which results in different tread patterns. It is these tread patterns which determine the performance and quality of the tyre. It provides road grip, cools the tyres, prevents pebbles, nails etc., from getting into the tyres, and in wet conditions acts as a duct for the water to be squeezed out.

TyreRadials are recommended for high performance. They provide traction and with it better control. They are the obvious choice in wet conditions. Radials at times increase fuel consumption. Cross plies are cheaper than radials and do not need special attention. They are mainly for smaller cars. Another variety of tyres which has recently arrived in India are tubeless tyres. They do not require tubes, and the air could be pumped directly into the tyres. Since they are a new arrival in the market, the outer city 'puncturewallahs' are as yet not skilled enough to fix the punctures in tubeless tyres.

TyreAccording to Anmol Singh, Anmol Tyres, Mumbai, "Generally for Indian roads and especially Mumbai's roads, we recommend radial tyres. Cars wearing radials would make your journey more comfortable. The nylon tyres or what we call the cross plies tyres wear out easily. Except for a couple of small cars like, Maruti 800 and Fiat, all the other cars no matter how big or small, ride on radial tyres. The structure and the fibre of the radial tyres last long and make driving more pleasant."

How to maintain your tyres

  • Check the air pressure once a week, as low air pressure leads to more fuel consumption, wear and tear and suspension problems.
  • It is also equally important to maintain correct air pressure, which can be done at the petrol pumps. But it is also advised that you carry your own gauge.
  • Alignment of the tyres should be checked regularly.
  • Rotating of the tyres every 10,000 kms, as stated in the owner's manual, done on a regular basis, increases the life of the tyres.
  • Air should never be filled when the tyres are hot. Hot air expands which in turn could give a wrong reading.
  • Do not brake or accelerate hard every now and then as it leads to wear and tear of rubber in the tyres.

By : Sharmistha Chakraborty

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