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Creating cost-effective brochures

First, develop a specific set of communication objectives for the brochure. This will include the intended audience and how the brochure will be used. Whether it will be used by sales people or actual users should be clear.

If you develop your own creative ideas, you can save money. Later seek the help of independent design firms or creative shops to execute your idea. Use an ad agency only for a discrete objective, such as developing a theme or slogan for a single product.

Make sure you hire an up-to-date designer. It is also wise to invest in computerised production tools which can save you money.

You should be honest about the money you have to spend and communicate this to your designers and your freelance partners. Only then can they work to give you the best within your stipulated budget.

To further save money and to get things done your way, manage the project yourself. Of course, this does not mean that your can completely dispense with designer help.

Try to get your own printing quotations and oversee the printing yourself. Careful planning can bring down printing charges.

Invest in a few basic resources such as a scanner and a good quality laser printer. You can use these to produce price sheets and cover letters by scanning logos and creative material into a computer.


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