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Jewish Synagogue and Jew town cochin

Jewish Synagogue

The Paradesi Synagogue in Cochin is a splendid structure with wrought iron gates, tiled roof and Hebrew-inscribed gravestones. Its magnificence is unprecedented and has a long lasting impact on all. So embrace the occasion to see the Paradesi Synagogue on your visit to Cochin. Paradesi Synagogue is situated in the Old Cochin also known as the Jew Town. This synagogue lies in Fort Cochin and is a must visit on your trip to Cochin.

Jewish Synagogue
The Paradesi Synagogue in Cochin was constructed in 1568. The magnificent structure was built by the Malabar Yehudan people or Jewish community of Cochin in the Kingdom of Cochin. It is considered to be the oldest Synagogue among all the Common Wealth Nations. Also referred to as the Mattancherry Synagogue or the Cochin Jewish Synagogue, the Paradesi Synagogue in Cochin is one of its kind through out India. Unique in its structure, this Synagogue was not the original Synagogue (which was built in the 4th Century) and was built, after the destruction of the former by the Portuguese.

This Synagogue was later built with Dutch patronage and under the protection of Raja of Cochin. With four buildings, the Paradesi Synagogue today stands as one among the seven Synagogues still in use.

Jewish Synagogue
The Paradesi Synagogue in Cochin consists of certain precious objects from the past. Some of the objects of antiquity you should lay your eyes upon are as follows: Gold Crowns, Scrolls of Law, brass-railed pulpit, 18th century clock tower, Belgian glass chandeliers, a copper plates of privileges which was given to Joseph Rabban by the ruler of Malabar Coast, it also has an oriental rug gifted to the Synagogue by the last Ethiopian Emperor ( Haile Selassie).

This beautiful structure is decorated with hundreds of 18th century Chinese tiles and exquisite hand-painted porcelain tiles.

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